How to Clean Oriental Rugs

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Oriental rugs are a popular style of rug with origin from countries like Iran, China and India. These rugs stand out for their rich colors and unique designs and can be found in thousands of homes worldwide. Oriental rugs come in all varieties and shapes and are usually made of materials such as wool or cotton, but can also be made from things such as silk or synthetic material. The addition of an oriental rug to your home can bring a room to life, but like other rugs, they can also get dirty. Fortunately, if you use the right techniques to clean and take care of your rug, you can keep your new rug for a longtime.

Check The Rug’s Label

Raise the corners of your rug to reveal the label on the rug. Usually the label will have instructions on how best to clean your oriental rug. Rugs can be made of cotton, wool, silk, or synthetic material and each requires some degree of finesse when cleaning. Wool and cotton rugs are generally more durable and easy to clean.

Vacuum and Regularly Tend to the Rug

Vacuuming your rug at least once every week will lift recent dirt and debris and keep the rug smelling nice and looking newer. Vacuuming also prevents the fibers on your rug from becoming compacted

Keep your Rug out of Direct Sunlight

Oriental rugs can be prone to damage by sunlight, so keep away from windows if possible. Leaving an oriental rug in the sun will make the colors fade over time. If your carpet has to be in full sun, place it at least once a month. Although the colors will still likely fade, it’ll fade uniformly.

Test to see if your Rug is Colorfast

Some rugs are colorfast and will not bleed when they are wet, while others will. If the label on the rug reads ‘dry cleaning’ only, then there is a good chance that your rug is not colorfast. If you want to test your carpet, saturate a corner of the carpet with water at room temperature, then press with a clean white cloth. If there is a dye on the white cloth, then it is likely to bleed if you carpet cleaning it yourself.

Move your Furniture around Occasionally

Heavy furniture sitting on top of your oriental rug can work down the fibers and damage the rug over time. To avoid this, rearrange your furniture every six months. This will make the wear and tear even and increase its longevity.

22 Common Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

a designer in St. Louis Majority of home owners are not professional designers and end up making some decorating mistakes in their homes. Here are 22 common decorating mistakes you should aware of.

1. Photo overload on surfaces People feel sentimental about photos and struggle to leave the photos on the walls and tables. Display your favorite pictures on the wall of the gallery and change whenever you want.

2. Toilet rugs Toilet mat are necessary, but they are no longer needed. Opt for a rectangular rug placed near the base of the toilet.

3. Scattered cords This is one of the oldest mistakes in the book. Cords are required for almost all electronic devices in the home, so it is important to be important to keep them organized.

4. Ignoring the foyer Instead of ignoring your entry way, why not use it to make a first impression of your house when a visitor enters?

5 Themes that are out-of-place Try adding decorative pieces that relate to your home instead of having the whole place look like a spectacular beach.

6. Obsolete hardware Old kitchen wares can make any kitchen look dull.

7. One sided furniture Some people have an eye for furniture, it is useful to examine the newspaper to see what someone else has done. If you have a sofa with a thick bottom, do not add a large table for coffee.

8. Keeping things you hate It’s not always easy discarding the things we hate but we just have to do it at times to give our home a nice feel.

9. Too formal Focus on making the living space a comfortable place. Too many pillows and hard furniture can make a room too unattractive.

10. Dining chairs that are uncomfortable The dining room should never be an unpleasant experience

11. Visible haze Even if you have a lot of stuff, that does not mean you have to live in disarray.

12. Matchy-Matchy decor Having a match when decorating can be a very good thing … or very bad, just make sure it’s not too much.

13. Following current trend Beware of trends, because it is difficult to get rid of the stuffs that come with a trend once the fad disappears, especially furniture.

14. Furniture that does not match Furniture may not fit because show rooms are larger than your living rooms such that when you bring the furniture from the showroom to your living room, it may not fit.

15. Too much color pattern If you have too many colors or patterns in the home, it tends to look distracting, busy and distracting

16. Floating carpet Floating carpets are a big mistake people make because it makes the most disproportionate room.

17. Inadequate lighting In every room in the house, you may want different types of lighting for the different times of the day. Voltage regulators are a great secret weapon for this – they are cheap, easy to install and control a range of mood and feeling of space.

18. Frames hung too high If you bend your neck to see your art, then it’s hung too high

19. Tacky couch covers If you love your furniture, there are plastic covers available that could be used to protect it instead of tacky covers.

20. Pushed back furniture Pushing furniture to the walls do not usually provide the best aesthetic design. The appearance can be too square and uniform. A while back when i hired  a designer in St. Louis, that was one of the mistakes i wasn’t even aware of.

Best Window Coverings for French Doors

Many people tend to choose French doors that opens inward over sliding doors. That is because they add special architectural interest and provide a unique look to the other windows in the room. Adding window coverings to French doors is disconcerting. So you are to see them as windows instead of doors. The best window treatments for French doors depends on several things: the existing decor scheme, the desired amount of light in the room, your requirements in terms of privacy and your budget. Here are some hacks as written by a St. Peters window replacement expert, who works with one of the reputable window replacement company in The neighborhood.

Gathered sheers

Incorporating a small bar at the top and bottom of the window, you can add pure drawings or French doors suspended between two curtain rods. Distribute the sheer panels evenly across the upper and lower bars to create soft pleats and gathers. Sheers work best when you’re looking for a cheap option for filtering light while adding the desired daytime privacy to the doors. For a different look, tie a cloth ribbon or piece suits in the middle of the curtains to create an hourglass shape.

Cellular shades

As one of the best options for light filtering qualities or room fading, cellular shades easily fit into French door sizes without disturbing the shutters. Equipped with an accordion-type pleat, cellular shades offer high energy efficiency. With a few solid colors to choose, you can install in about an hour. Cellular shades come with low options of top down or bottom up according to your preferences. In order to let the sun shine in, retract them by just pulling the cord.

Roman shades

Roman shades as one of the best treatments for privacy for French doors, fabric roman blinds give you the option to let the light inside the room or shut against prying eyes. Unless you have a way of securing the bottom, the shades beat against the windows when a person enters or leaves the room through the French doors when the doors are in down position. But as the sheers and cellular shades, roman shades do not interfere with the door handles – something you need to think about when choosing window coverings on French doors.

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Blinds works on the French doors also – wood, vinyl, metal, or faux wood – but you have to come up with a solution to manage the blinds around the door handles. This solution works best in a room decorated with blinds – and if you can lower the blinds on the window a little bit, it can help to solve the problem with the handle. Make sure that curtains prevents hit or damaging your French doors.


Basement Remodeling in St. Louis Basement Remodeling in St. Louis has become the order of the day, and its either you do it right or you get yourself screwed up. It is an important and expensive project to finish basements, so, you will want it done right. To know if the contractor you hire is up to the task, ask him these questions before you hire him to eliminate a lot of headache.

1. For how long have you been in business?

For you not to be somebody’s first time, it is important to ask this question. Although, there is no right answer to this question, five years is a good indicator that the person has the necessary experience.

2. Is your company a specialty basement firm or a full-service firm?

If a company specialize mainly in basements, they are more likely to have a broad mastery of the options available.

3. Are you licensed?

If a basement contractor is unlicensed, you, as the homeowner, can be left in a bad spot if something goes wrong.

4. Are you insured, and for how much?

Your contractor must be insured and the least amount should be the value of your home in case someone get injured.

5. How many employees do you have?

It is usually helpful to know if the whole job will be handled in-house or if it will given out to subcontractors. Though Subcontractors aren’t necessarily a bad thing, however, it may be difficult to control the quality of work.

6. How possible is it for me to visit some of your current or past job sites?

Most times, it can be helpful to see results physically and also speak to other customers about their experience with the contractor.

7. How long will it take to finish the work?

There should be a time frame and not dates carved in stone as basement projects usually take time. A contractor who is forced into a window of time will miscalculate because he was forced to do something faster than it should be done.

8. Will you be pulling the permits?

All basement project usually require a permit. You leave yourself at risk if you don’t get one and a basement contractor should be willing to help you get it.

9. Is it possible for me to receive a detailed drawing, scope of work and guaranteed price?

Get a written plan with the company logo on it. Though it doesn’t have to be a CAD drawing, it should not be written just a piece of paper, either.

10. Why is your price different from the ones I got from other quotations?

Your basement contractor should be straight with you about what is and isn’t included in the quote so that you can have a complete understanding of the project.

IF you need more tips on what to know or at least ask your contractor about before hiring them for your basement remodeling, please read through this article here.

How to choose the best color for your kitchen

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The cutting edge kitchen is as much a get-together place for loved ones as it is a spot to get ready nourishment. Accordingly, you’ll need to set the best possible state of mind in the kitchen for your social occasions. One of the essential approaches to do this is through shading. Whether you need your kitchen to feel splendid and vaporous, or little, at home, and cozy, the correct decision of shading will go far towards setting the best possible state of mind.

Distinctive hues have diverse consequences for diverse individuals. Red will influence you uniquely in contrast to green will. By the same token, blue may have an alternate impact on you than it does your neighbor. When you pick your shading plan for your kitchen, you have to settle on the choices on what hues to utilize. It’s your kitchen, and you’ll be investing the most energy in it, so you have to choose what hues coordinate your needs for your kitchen. These are just rules in picking hues, an official choice will be yours.

Consider whether you need a snug, personal kitchen, or a more open feel. The right shading decisions can offer assistance. Darker tones will outwardly contract a room, making it feel littler and more personal. Whites, light yellow, and other light hues can help to outwardly open up the space, and make a little room feel bigger, and more open.

Earth tones are great decisions for kitchen stylistic layout. Tans and tans can help to ground your kitchen, and make a feeling of simplicity, and closeness. Earth tones are for the most part nonpartisan hues, and will match well with a few different hues as accent hues in the cupboards, trim, and kitchen style.

Dark ought to be utilized just for accents, and not utilized as the principle shading as a part of your kitchen. Dark has a tendency to ingest warmth, which may make the kitchen terribly hot. Dark can be utilized for an accent, particularly in the event that it is counterbalance by white, which will adjust the dark, and it will reflect, instead of assimilate warmth.

Orange is regularly connected with nourishment, and accordingly is a decent shading decision for a kitchen, either as the principle shading, or as an accent. Orange has a tendency to unlawful craving, settling on it a decent decision for a kitchen shading. Blue, then again, has a tendency to curb hunger. In view of this, you may need to take out, or if nothing else minimize the blue in your kitchen.

Red ought to be kept away from in the kitchen. Red has a tendency to summon sentiments of warmth, which in an officially hot room, similar to the kitchen, is not something worth being thankful for. Red can function admirably as an accent if utilized sparingly, and in the event that it is balance by cooler hues somewhere else in the room.

Aside making the right choice of colors, its beauty also relies on how well painting kitchen caabinets were done, how well the kitchen makeups are set and many other little details.

Mistakes in Hiring a House Painter

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Here are five general mistakes in hiring a home painter:

Not getting a detailed quote

It is vital that you will get a detailed quotation before you hire home painters. A lot of painters operate on a materials and time basis. You will be shocked about your bill and would catch you off guard with your budget. You can get a rightly estimated quotation in advance. This would keep you from conflict and headache later.

Don’t hire people with passable work on home painting

If you want standard job in painting your home, it is no brainer that hiring jacks-of-all-trade is not suggestive. Home painting needs a unique commitment to detail. This is one of the factors why you should select someone who runs a company hundred percent committed to home painting, a firm that has established its name through many years.

Hiring the largest company

Both firms spend a lot of money in advertising but the question is, Can they exactly paint? The issue in hiring the largest firm is that you become just another number. There is a large possibility that you will not get a personalized experience and service that a local company can provide. Often, these firms hire uncompetitive painters, use low standard paints and don’t go the extra mile to make you happy. All you have to do is some little homework and learn of their customer service and quality delivery, after working with a St. Peters house painter, I found out one don’t really need these “big companies” to get a personalized job.

This is not forever applicable. A lot of large firms can actually paint as well as domestic painters. They have professional and competitive painters, use top standard paints, and willing to go the extra mile to make you happy.

Working with under the table firms

Working with this type of firm may save you money, but in the long run, you may end up losing much more cash than saving. For instance, if you painter does not have liability insurance, it would be difficult to get any compensation if problems are done during the job frame. Also, some of them use paints that are not leaf-secure paints. Your family will be at danger of lead-poisoning.

Getting a firm based on price rather than personality

Painting contractors will give quotes within ten percent of each other. This is not an important margin so you have the complete power to select the firm that suits you. Contact your domestic company and ask them to offer you a detailed quote of the painting job to be done. Your contractor should communicate perfectly with you and is more than willing to reply your questions.

Roofing as a DIY project

Making roofing as your DIY project isn’t smart if you live in an area that has a lot of poor weather. This type of work can be done properly, but bad weather can ruin you work as DIY project of this type lasts for an extended period. If you don’t want to lose time on this kind of work, then you should hire a company to do it.

    For guidelines on the quality of the enterprise, you should This company is a top quality roofing company that delivers high-quality roof work at affordable prices. Once you find a company that is similar to this one, then you will know that you have found the right contractor that will fulfill all your needs.

   Now, before you even start planning your DIY project, you should do several things. First of all, you should head to your local government agency and get permission for the work. Whether you can work on the roof, replace it completely or do some minor changes depend on them, so be sure to get their written permission. Next thing you should do is to estimate the cost of the work. The worst thing you can do is start the work and run out of money midway in the project.


   The first part of the project is the preparation. You have to prepare the working area, block it off and identify the dangerous areas. All loose items around the house must also be removed as they can fall due to the work and they can hurt someone.

   Once the general preparations are done, you can go to the next step which is the preparation of the roof. This move involves the tearing of the old roof and preparation of the deck followed by the installation of the roof deck protections and leak barriers. These two are paramount as they play a major part in the foundation of the roof, so be sure they are installed correctly.

   Next step is the shingles. The proper way is to start with outer strip shingles which are crucial as they are the primary defense against the wind. If they aren’t installed correctly, then the risk of wind blowing the roof off the house is increased several times. Be sure to go through a proper guide in the installation of the shingles before you do it.


    Be sure to find everything about the installation of ridge vents, as they are essential in keeping the ventilation running. Ventilation of the roof will prevent dry rot from destroying the roof.

   A project like this requires a lot of skill, a dozen of power tools and a lot of free time. If you don’t have one of those things, then don’t even think about doing this alone. Only a professional or a well-trained amateur should start a roof project. If you lack handyman skills, then don’t let the enthusiasm to take over. You will not be able to do this job properly no matter how enthusiastic you are because this is not some small and simple DIY project.


Enlighten your home with new windows and doors

How many times in the last month have you thought about makes some home improvements? And how many times those improvements involved either windows, doors or even a whole room or a deck?

   Many people think about home improvement like changing windows to open up the room and allow lighter to go inside or to extend or build a deck for hot summer days. I remember some ideas in my head, at the beginning it was a room with a wall made of windows, then it was a deck and at the end, the idea involved a porch that is enclosed with windows from three sides. I never did any of these things due to simple reason; it was way over my personal skills to do something like that.toronto-custom-windows

  But I was happy because a friend sent me to where I found people that did all the work I would have never done. If you have similar ideas, and you need professional carpenters, then you should look for a local company that provides people for projects of that type.

   Replacing doors can be a very tedious job, and it can take a lot of time as well. Even if you order a door that has same proportions as a door, you are replacing there will be some additional work involved around the frame. When you buy a new door, you get a new frame, and replacing a frame is a job better left to carpenters. It takes a lot of time, you can make several mistakes, and you can damage the wall or the frame and so on. It’s not worth the money with which you can pay a

   Same applies to windows. When you change windows, you also change frames. Windows are even more complicated because they have additional mechanical parts which can be broken if an amateur does it.

   The carpenter that came to my place saved me from a lot of unnecessary future work as he suggested sunroom instead of a simple deck. He came over to do the estimation of the work and resources that will be required, and I asked him about his advice. When he mentioned sunroom, I got interested, and I asked him about more info about it. In the end, I decided to go with a sunroom instead of a deck.


    Building a sunroom will cost you as it is an additional room aka deck that is completely enclosed with windows. The point of a sunroom is to have room for resting where you can observe the outside while being completely sheltered from the elements. If you have a great look from your backyard, then you should make a sunroom there. You won’t be disappointed, and that room will become a sanctuary in which you will rest from the work and other everyday activities.

   Sunroom is a big project, and it will last for several weeks before it is finished, and you will spend a lot of money, so think about it before the carpenters start working.

Practical House Painting Tips or How to Paint Like a Pro

When it comes to house painting there are many tips and tricks that you may find extremely useful; such tips may save you a lot of time and keep your clothes and hands clean!

Prepare Your Colors –Let’s Paint!

The first step is quite obvious; you will need to choice a color for tour painting masterpiece. It is a personal decision, but be sure to have a large picture in mind, consider how new color would fit other objects and surroundings, and if it is necessary consult interior designer. Once the right color is chosen, it is time to check the necessary equipment and check for weather. It is always better to use high-quality rollers and brushes as they will give precise color coverage. Remember to paint only when the weather is hot and dry; otherwise your paint may remain wet, and you will get unsatisfactory results.


Make a Clean Surface

Before you start to paint, be sure to prepare the plain surface of the wall, it should be without any cracks or holes. You may need to use sandpaper to create a smooth surface, but that is a highly important step that should be truly performed before actual painting. If there are any greasy spots on the wall, you must clean them; otherwise your fresh paint may simply fall of. Use a simple sponge and detergent to clean such spots, wait until the wall is dry and then it is time to do some painting.

It is Painting Time!

Before you start to paint, be sure to check that you covered anything that doesn’t need to be painted, like furniture, floor and envy equipment.  The modern premium paints are quite easy to work with, if you have a decent roller, you will have complete control over the entire process. It is, however, important to take a proper amount of paint on the roller, if you take too much, the paint will create a mess or a floor, if you take a small amount of paint on a brush, you will not be effective. With a little practice, you will be able to determine the right quantity of the paint that you need for particular purpose. Consider using extension pool, especially if you are painting a larger room, it will save your day!


Start From the Corners

Start to paint from the corners and always paint from the top downwards. It is important to always use the same quantity of color on your brush; otherwise, you will have an interesting topographic map instead of a flat wall. The practice in house painting is crucial; you must have some skills. Otherwise, your painting attempt may create chaos. It is not easy to master the house painting techniques, but with some determination and practice, you may become a successful house painter. You may also consider hiring a highly skillful professional or Pro Painters service if you want to be sure that the entire process is done properly. We would like to recommend you visiting if you want truly professional painting service.

Choosing the best roofing company for your building

Playing with a roof of a barn or another small building is okay, but it isn’t smart when it comes to a big house or business. Roofs for business buildings differ from standard housing simply because there are more options to consider. I found all necessary info on and I also contracted this company to work on my business building. But, not all of you are lucky to have this kind of business readily available.

    The choice of the material used for the roofing is up to you, but people usually use one of the three most common and good quality roof types – metal, asphalt and commercial roofing.

    Metal roofs look great, and they are insured for 30 years. Metal (usually aluminum) is a highly durable material, and if you live in a temperate climate, this roof will last forever.  Asphalt is the most common material used for roofs and if you go outside and look around you will notice that more than 90% houses have asphalt roofs. New types of roofs involve different types of composition that make the asphalt more durable and wind resistant.

   Big buildings need high-quality roofs, and the best way to ensure that a large building is protected from the elements is to get a commercial roofing service. There are several things you can choose to fortify a commercial roof (thermoset and BUR membranes), and if the price is right, you will cover your business for a small amount of money.

   The Imperative thing is to find a good company that will do a proper work for a decent price. You also have to know that your help will be required before the actual building can start. A good company will assist you with that process, and they will help you to go through the necessary steps.


    Injuries in roofing business aren’t common, but they do happen from time to time. Be sure to check the company and find out whether they insure their workers. If this is not the case, then any injury an employee suffers will be your responsibility, and you will have to pay for that. Also, ensure that employees have all necessary protection available. Lack of security can also hit your pocket if an inspection comes over.

    If a company refuses to do something about insurance of their workers, then don’t hire them, because you are the one that is responsible for those people. The uninsured worker is not legally tied to the company they work for, and if they get injured on their property, then they are considered as your contracted workers. They can sue you for the injury, and you can lose a lot of money, and possible the building those employees were working on.


   People don’t realize, but a lawsuit can go over six zeros in this type of cases, and if you want to avoid that you should seek legit companies. These companies may cost more, but you won’t have to worry about anything else expect to pay them their rightful share.